First, they moved in... Unable to defend we surrendered...They took our food, then our freedom, and in the end when they took our families and friends... We started to resist... First with guns... Then with explosives... Putting our lives on the line... In secret we have struggled for years... Today we give our lives for what we believe in...


Title: The Last Hour

Autors:  Rasmus Teilmann & Mads Dehlholm Holst

MGs: braids i Krzak

Form: Chamber larp

Subjects: War, violence, death

Time: 4 hours (1,5h workshop, 2h larp, 0,5h debrief)

Players: 8



To tell the stories of freedom fighters and their struggle for their cause while they are waiting to be executed for their opposition. Larp for beginners + narrativists who like to immerse.



None special requirements of outfit


Important information

This larp may be run in English, so be ready for some tongue twisting! Ale jeśli zabraknie English-speaking participants, puścimy go po polsku.